Is #10YearsChallenge Dangerous?

The most trending #tag of 2019 up till now is this “10YearChallenge” or “Glow Up Challenge” or “How Hard Aging Hit You” or what ever you want to call it is just a way of posting your picture in 2009 alongside with a picture taken this year i.e. 2019 on social media be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with a caption. It is more like #tb (throwBack) hashtag resurfacing in a new form.

The celebrities participating in this challenge proudly show off how hot they were and — still are! Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon or Nicki Minaj, they don’t seem to age a bit in the photos they shared on their Twitter and Instagram account.

Some of the celebrities like Nick Cannon and Padma Lakshmi step up their game by posting photos from 1999 or 2000 with 19- or 20-years challenge.

Of course! This gave rise to the funny memes and as well as environmental issues

And would you expect Disney to be left behind!! NAH!

Although, the rumor circling around that Facebook is using this data to train his facial recognition algorithms that how people age has started a new debate on some of the social media sites. But again, Facebook has all the photos of you that you ever posted with dates posted then why would they need it again?

The more likely reason it spread is just because people want an excuse to post their throwback photos that stirs up nostalgia to show and tell the friends that they are proud of their aging which make the 10-year challenge no more evil as the social media itself is!

However 3rd party data scientist can use publicly available data under these hashtags which is alarming!

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